Phenomenal Bronzart


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Phenomenal Bronzart
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Jean-François LEVEC, bronze sculptor

Why Bronze? In my eyes, it is the Ultimate Art.

Worked for thousands of years by men who had neither electricity nor machines, it is a noble alloy becoming more beautiful each year.
The energy when casting the molten bronze at almost 1200° is unique. With each unmolding, its part of the unknown. Each modus operandi is fabulous in terms of discipline, concentration and technicality.

I work with three foundries: one in Brittany and two in the Netherlands. They are exceptional founders with exceptional know-how.


I offer you my collection of bronze works. Discover these paintings, animals and abstract works with multiple textures and colors.

Discover the bronze collection

Tailor-made creation

From a sketch, your idea takes shape. Size, shape, color, shine, expression... Let's create your minimalist or monumental work together.

Custom bronze creation

Three techniques

The traditional bronze

A millennial technique, foundry.

Gold leaves

The laying of 24-carat gold leaf on the sculptures, in a material that is lighter and less expensive than bronze.

Metallization VeroMetal®

The coating of real metal powder, bronze, copper, etc. always on materials that are lighter, less expensive and faster to manufacture than foundry bronze.


Contact me and let's create your work together